Protect Your Heart with Astra oil Red

Natural particle that helps to counteract free radicals, reduce fat accumulation, nourish heart and helps to restore healthy skin and prevent premature aging.
Nowadays the statistic shows that chronic disease is the health issue of people around the world that keeps increasing continuously, especially those categorized under heart and vascular diseases. Many researches and studies indicate that these diseases are caused by chronic inflammation of the wall of the veins. Their precipitating factor are free radicals received from our daily lifestyle, such as eating habit, fried foods, grilled and broil foods that are burnt, poison, heavy metal, chemical substances from pesticide, pollutions from exhaust pipes of cars and stress, etc. Our body can produce antioxidant but when we grow older the rate of antioxidant production shall decrease and shall be inadequate for eliminating free radicals that are continuously produced which is the cause of cell degeneration in various organs in the body. When the cells are degenerated, our body becomes weaker and we may suffer from illness.
The benefits of free radical prevention are assisting to improve health; withstand, prevent or slowdown sickness; and strengthen immunity, so that we can fight bacteria and viruses that attack our body. The solution to root causes in order to prevent these issues is using nutrient therapy which is qualified to counteract free radicals and reduce inflammation of endothelial cell. Astra oil Red is a supplementary food product developed by the research and study of scientists and specialist physicians in nutrient therapy for anti-aging using the natural extractions, such as Astaxantine from red algae, fatty acid from rice bran oil, nutrients extracted from red rice and various antioxidants, such as Co enzyme Q10 and Alpha lipoic acid. Main ingredients of Astra oil Red

1. Extraction from Astaxantine Algae

Astaxantine is a nutrient in the category of Carotenoids, usually found in sea plants or animal such as krill and microalgae called Haematococcuspluvialis which is salmons' main diet. Therefore, when salmons swim upstream to lay eggs, their skin can withstand free radicals from harsh sunlight in the shallow water area. Astaxantine has the most powerful antioxidant nowadays. In comparison, it can counteract free radicals better than vitamin C or vitamin E at almost 400 times and it is activated in both water and fat in the cells. In Japan where the pure Astaxanthin is produced, there are the studies that discover many benefits of Astaxanthin extraction, for example:-
  • Be able to prevent and restore macular degeneration, help to treat eye strain, help to treat macular degeneration which is considered as top reason of vision loss in elderly. 
  • Protect skin and eyes from UV ray. Apart from that, it is also found that, Astaxanthin can restore healthy skin and reduce wrinkles 
  • Help to relieve tiredness after workout and playing sport
  • Help to protect brain cells and slowdown memory disorder and Alzheimer's disease
  • Increase blood circulation, reduce blood pressure, increase HLD, reduce triglyceride in blood and help to facilitate function of mitochondrial which produce energy in cardiac muscle cells 
  • Help to balance immunity in people who suffer from allergy, autoimmune disease, weakened immune system, and people who suffer from chronic viral infections, such as HIV, hepatitis virus, herpes and Herpes Zoster. 
  • Prevent liver degeneration in diabetes patients
  • Help to make sperm stronger and help keep men's prostate healthy
  • Help to reduce body's inflammation
  • Help relieve gastroesophageal reflux disease, indigestion, gastritis, both H. pylori infected and uninfected.

2. Fatty acid from Rice bran oil (RBO)

Rice bran oil is full of various nutrients that are antioxidant and prevent inflammation, such as Gamma Oryzanol, vitamin E, Tocopherol, Tocotrienol, phytosterols, polyphenols and squalene.
According to the study, RBO have a lot of health benefits, for example:-
  • Reduce cholesterol level in blood. It is found that the LDL level is lower, the HDL level is higher and rate of cholesterol elimination via bile is increased. 
  • Prevent venous thrombosis
  • Improve thyroid gland's function
  • Increase endorphin level and help to develop muscles
  • Relieve menopausal issues
  • Help to treat skin
  • Linoleic fatty acid in metabolic system
  • Chromium in rice bran oil help to facilitate insulin's function in glucose metabolic process, prevent insulin persistence which may cause diabetes later.

3. Nutrients extracted from natural red rice

Nutrients extracted from red rice contains important substance called Monakolin K which can relieve  inflammation in the walls of veins and help to control cholesterol level to be in a balancing level.

4. Co enzyme Q10

Co enzyme Q10 or Co Q10 is a very important antioxidant of human body because it is the main component of enzyme in metabolic system in order to generate energy for the cells, especially cardiac muscle cells, liver cells, brain cells and kidney cells. When people get older, the efficiency of Co Q10 production shall decrease. Therefore, the cells and tissues shall be degenerated easier. Especially for those who take fat lowering drugs, the risk of defects in this substance shall be higher.
Therefore, Co Q10 is suitable for people who need to boost cell's energy and maintain heart, liver, kidneys and
brain. Apart from that, this nutrient is essential for the elderly or people who take fat lowering drugs.

5. Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)

Alpha Lipoic Acid has outstanding ability to counteract free radicals and support other used antioxidants by turning them back to the format that can be used again. In other words, it helps to recycle other antioxidants. It is found that, Alpha Lipoic Acid can recycle vitamin C, vitamin E, Glutathione, Co enzyme Q10 and NAD.

Benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Help to reduce body's inflammation
  • Be able to eliminate heavy metal effectively
  • Help to boost insulin efficiency
  • Help to balance immunity system to withstand germs and anticancer
  • Promote Hepatitis C treatment
  • Help to prevent Peripheral neuropathy due to diabetes
  • Help to slow down cell degeneration

ASTRA OIL RED - Natural particle that helps to counteract free radicals, reduce fat accumulation, nourish heart and helps to restore healthy skin and prevent premature aging.



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Natural particle that helps to counteract free radicals, reduce fat accumulation, nourish heart and helps to restore healthy skin and prevent premature aging... for you to be ready every day ...
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