What is Manyoo ?

The Pacific “ Manyoo” from Korea is 100% natural eel oil, a natural health food, taken from the bone marrow of a fresh eel. Eel is a very nutrient fish species, having in itself abundant proteins-vitamin D, vitamin E, ample mucoprotein, as well as amino acid .Interestingly speaking, people from many countries like to eat eel, but it has been a long period before it was discovered where eels came from since their eggs were never found when people ate them. This mystery has not been solved until in earlier 20th century when Danish scholars found young eels that had just come out of eggs in the waters near Atlantic ocean’s Bermuda, to let people know gradually that eel is actually an oceanic migratory fish

It helps to relieve constipation or diarrhea due to poor lifestyle. It helps in lowering of bad cholesterol. It helps to relieve Irritable bowel syndrome. . It helps to relieve chronic fatigue, skin conditions, aches and pains. It promotes weight loss as part of a weight control programme.

Cultural & Historical Facts

Eel has always been traditionally viewed as a health enhancing food, not only by the Chinese, Japanese & Koreans but also by the Malays who recognizes eel oil ( ikan belot or ikan Linang) as an aphrodisiac (tenaga batin). Ancient herbal and traditional medical records show that eel has been traditionally used to treat tuberculosis, bronchitis, anxiety and for life extension. Medical science first paid attention to Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in 1953 when they observed that Eskimos in Greenland has the lowest rate of cardiovascular and heart disease despite their habit of eating high animal fats mainly from fish. Medical research had found that oily fish like eel and salmon contains high amounts of Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids which comprise mainly of Eicosapentanoic acid (EPA)and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

Modern medical studies reveal that eel has high contents of vitamins and microelements. Contents of vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and vitamin A are 25 times, 5 times, and 45 times of the counterparts in milk respectively. The content of zinc (brain gold) is 9 times of that in milk. Especially exciting are the multiple highly under-saturated fatty acids that are now the food of choice for the people who want to satisfy the appetite without worrying about getting fat. Eel fillets are delicious and titled as “aquatic panax” that have the immeasurable effects on prolonging life and tonifying for the weakness.

Eel resources are distributed only in a few regions in the world and freshwater eels that are bred from the fished natural eel fries are even rarer. Adding to this situation are the freshwater eel’s short growth period and vulnerability to pollution of heavy metals. Scientific discoveries reveal that the magic vitality of eels results from the strong vertebra. Modern researches tell us that there are more than one hundred nutrients contained in eel’s vertebra and their nutritional and medicinal values are focused on extensively by experts and scholars.


Processes for production of eel oil

Eel oil is a kind of high-grade health-care food that is purely natural and green, extracted from marrows in fresh eel’s vertebra through modern advanced biochemical technologies. Processes for its production are very fine, including about six big steps and tens of procedures, such as bone selection, bone dissolution, purification, grease removal, dehydration, filtration, etc. More than 100 hours of processing are taken before complete extraction of file oil of marrows. One ton of eel vertebra can only yield a little more than 50 kg fine oil of marrows. Vertebra of one eel can only provide raw materials for 2 capsules and a bottle of 150 eel-oil capsules are made from vertebra of more than 70 eels. We can understand how precious eel oil is just through these numbers
Marrow is the blood manufacturer of the human body, and blood is the carrier and supplier of the nutrients necessary to the healthy functioning of all organs in the body. In the human immune system marrow is the most crucial organ. It seems like a miracle that human marrow can produce 100 billion neutral leucocytes every day and input them into blood to resist pathogens and viruses invading from outside. So it is almost impossible to overstate how important marrow is to human health!
Why are there are so many people enjoying bone soup? That is because this soup contains considerable nutrients and drinking it can maintain health and prolong life. Why are the developed countries (such the U.S. and Japan) are so focused on development of bone-series foods? That is because they understand the importance of healthy bones. The most nutritive substance in bones is marrow. Analytical work reveals that there are 27 kinds of fatty acids in eel-marrow oil that are necessary for human bodies. Because these acids have abundant and balanced nutrients, eel-marrow oil is the most ideal health-care food modern people have ever pursued

Main ingredients:

Eel oil mainly contains three ingredients, AKGs, DHA, and EPA, which have the following functions:

1. Stimulating the immunologic function, preventing and curing various diseases

Immunity is the key factor that can determine whether human body is healthy or not. 99% of diseases in human bodies are caused by disequilibrium of immunologic function. AKGs are the highly effective substance to stimulate immunologic function. It can stimulate the activity of human immune system maximally, annihilate the bacteria and viruses that invade into human bodies in time, eliminate the toxins and other negative substances that are generated in metabolism of human body, and play its efficacy of “preventive treatment of disease” and “treatment aiming at the root Cause of a disease” to cure various diseases (such as flu, cold, etc.) that can caused by low immunity. Eel oil contains AKGs as high as 20-80% and this is the most valuable aspect of eel oil and is what other health-care foods lack. Clinical experiences prove that those who have taken eel oil for some time have very active immune cells in their bodies. The eel oil that has abundant AKGs is very effective for prevention and cure of various chronic and infectious diseases that are caused by low immunity. Eel oil is capable of preventing cold and flu, helping cure asthma, allergy, astriction, and dermatitis, and also capable of mitigating ache, accelerating concrescence of wounds, and lowering blood sugar.

2. Eliminating free radicals and anti-aging

Free radicals are harmful remnants generated from the process of oxidization in human bodies. Free radicals are very active chemically and can combine with the fat inside human body to form lipofuscin which becomes “senile plaque” when settling on the kind surface. If aggregated in cerebral nerves, lipofuscin can trigger senile dementia and in circulatory system it can influence the functions of blood vessels. Lipofuscin can damage human cells greatly. Increase of free radicals in human cells is an important indicator of aging.

AKGs, contained in eel oil, is a kind of strong antioxidant and has unique effect on elimination of free radicals from cells. It can penetrate cellular membrane into the cell and eliminate the oxidized harmful substances, namely free radicals. Most of traditional antioxidants eliminate free radicals outside the cells and there are few that can penetrate the membrane and play the effect inside. AKGs is just one of the few antioxidants that work inside cells.

3. Immunotherapy, cancer resistance and prevention
In 1820s, two Japanese scholars have firstly found in the liver of shark a separate component which has some unique effect. Then in 1958, the Japanese scientists took the lead in adopting the method of marrow transplantation to treat leucocythemia. In their studies, they discovered that there was an unclear component that had obvious effect on treatment of leucocythemia and other cancers. Later they has finally clarified in studies of shark-liver oil that this component is AKGs (Alkoxy glycerine).
Medical workers have brought forward the effect of AKGs on treatment and prevention of cancers for the first time in 1970s, drawing high attention in medical field. The following decades of studies have led to momentous scientific accomplishments concerning prevention and treatment of cancers through AKGs and many significant papers about this that have been published agree that AKGs can drop the cancer cell’s regeneration rate, slow down the growth of tumor, inhibit the weight of tumor, and control the transfer of tumor through stimulating the immune system.
Recently, medical practitioners in China have also made breakthroughs in cancer treatment through immune system. Considerable scientific experiments have proved that one of the key reasons for generation of cancers in human bodies is the problems in human immune system; however, tumor cells can be inhibited and annihilated under the attack of immune cells that are far more than tumor cells. Clinically, most tumor sufferers have their tumors dwindled obviously after taking immune preparations. The “neo-immunotherapy” that is now advocated by medical world nowadays recommends the taking of highly effective immune stimulator to activate the human body’s own anti-cancer cells for elimination of cancer cells. Eel oil is very effective for prevention and treatment of cancers since AKGs that is tremendously contained in it is one of the best highly effective immune stimulator.

4. Keeping the infants fit and healthy and strengthening the constitution
Breast milk contains considerable AKGs. For newly born infants, establishment and consummation of their immune systems and buildup of their anti-disease capacity are finished relying on the AKGs supplied from mom’s milk. In the past, people were aware that the kids could be healthy, solid, and lively if they were fed with breast milk, but the reasons were unclear until now. It has been finally made clear that breast milk contains AKGs which is magic reason underlying the health of kids. However, the content of AKGs in eel oil is far more than that in breast milk. So we recommend the pregnant women and women in lactation to take more eel oil and this can benefit both the mothers and their babies. We also recommend that kids that are ablactated earlier to take more eel oil.


5. Invigorating the brain, developing the intelligence, and strengthening the memory
DHA is the main component of cerebral neurons and cytolipin on retina, and is the indispensable substance that can keep high activation of brain and good conditions of vision. Meanwhile, AKGs can eliminate the free radicals from cerebrum effectively. Therefore, taking eel oil can help the development of children’s cerebrum, boost the IQ, defer the decline of brain of middle-and-old-age people, and prevent dementia.

6. Lowering the blood fat, and softening the blood vessels
Too much fat in human blood vessels can stiffen, narrow, and embrittle the vessels, resulting in scleratheroma of artery and more severely cerebral thrombosis, cerebral hemorrhage, and myocardial infarct. EPA and DHA that are contained in eel oil are effective in lowering the blood viscosity and cholesterol, softening and clearing blood vessels, and preventing and treating various cardio-/cerebrovascular diseases.

7. Improving the microcirculation of blood, caring the kind, and beautifying the face
Eel oil can clear the blood fat that can block blood capillary on the face to improve the microcirculation of blood on the face. Meanwhile, with the effect of human immunity, the face can be resistant to bacteria and viruses. The face skin can become smooth and soft due to sufficient nutrients and moisture. The oleic acids, Linoleic acid, and linolenate that are contained in eel oil and can realize beauty and remove speckles have made eel oil a natural top-grade skin-care product. It can penetrate and activate the skin and can kill bacteria.

8. Strengthening the body, tonifying the weak, and increasing the quintessence
Function experiments have proved that eel oil can strengthen human body’s capacity to resist oxygen deficit, and has certain effect on resistance to stress. Meanwhile, it can increase the quantity of sperms in epididymis and boost the sexual function.





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To assist you to achieve Optimum Health.

To assist you to achieve Optimum Health.




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