Over hundred types of organic plants, herbs, vegetables, fruits and berries are collected from the wild mountain and also from our organic farms in Malaysia and Australia. We are using Biotechnology in our manufacturing process with the presence of signals attached.

  1. FIRST FERMENTOR 1st-3rd years fermentation: Amino Acids Formation Sorghum bicolor (kaoliang), Oryza sativa (paddy-rice),Zea mays(corn), Glycine max(Soybean),Parkia speciosa(petai) and others local plants are fermented to form semi liquid-paste. This stage is to obtain amino acids. Aeration is done fortnightly as well as regular tests and samplings.
  2. SECOND FERMENTOR 1st-3rd years fermentation: Vitamins & Mineral Organic vegetables are grinded and added into the fermentation process. This stage is to obtain vitamins and minerals. Aeration is done fortnightly as well as regular tests and samplings.
  3. THIRD FERMENTOR 1st-3rd years fermentation: Organic Acids & Enzymes Formatio Organic fruits and berries are grinded and added into the fermentation process to form paste This stage is to obtain organic acids & enzymes. Aeration is done fortnightly as well as regular tests and samplings
  4. FORTH FERMENTOR 1st-3rd years fermentation: Medical-Grade Formation : Valuable herbs which are full of medicinal values are added into the fermentation process. This stage is to obtain wholesome functional food in paste form that contains medicinal value and therapeutic purposes by itself.
  5. FIFTH FERMENTOR 4th -5th years fermentation: Maturing and Aging Stage All the paste formed in 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th fermentors were collected and transferred into a higher speed of fermentor. The pH, temperature, moisture and aeration are well controlled. Special 16 strains of friendly bacteria are added to give the essence of this paste. It is during this period, the VM-X Functional Food is optimal.
  6. FINAL FERMENTATION 5th – 7th years fermentation: Medical – Grade Maturing Stage  All paste is remained in the fermentor for further aging and maturing to obtain higher value of medical-grade. P450 enzyme is added to act as a booster for VM-X Functional Food. Cytochrome P450 enzymes are essential to achieve optimum health. It plays important roles in hormone synthesis, cholesterol synthesis, vitamin D metabolism and destroy abnormal cell. The cytochrome P450 enzymes are our first line of defense in drug chemical battle.
  7. PACKAGING & FINAL CHECKS : High concentrated VM-X Functional Food which contains amino acids, vitamins , minerals, organic acids, enzymes, friendly bacteria and P450 enzymes are packed respectively either becomes capsule or paste form.

Our immune health starts from our gastro intestinal tract

What is intestinal health?

Your intestinal health can show up on your face. When we are under stress, our intestines also suffer. If this situation persists, it might cause haemorrhage. Most people who suffered from constipation during their school examination automatically had their problem resolved after the examination. This shows that our gastro intestinal tract is very sensitive to our psychological change.

Food that we eat has to be digested in our stomach with the nutrients absorbed through the small intestines and carried to our entire body cells through our blood circulation. Our gastro intestinal tract plays an important role in our overall health. If our gastro intestinal tract cannot function properly, toxins formed will be carried throughout the whole body. This will eventually affect our immune health and cause diseases.
There are about 400-500 types and trillions of bacteria living in our intestines. These microorganisms play a vital role in our overall health. 

The bacteria in our intestines      

The colon can be divided into few segments such as ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon, sigmoid, rectum and anus. Living in the wall of our intestines is the friendly bacteria, Lactobacillus. In the center of our colon, the pH of yellowish stool formed is alkaline. When it is near the membrane wall of intestine, the stool pH becomes neutral due to the release of lactic acid by Lactobacillus. The bad odor emitted within the colon results from the release of foul gases such as methane generated by the unfriendly anaerobic bacteria. However the presence of organic acids produced by lactic acid friendly bacteria turn our stools slightly acidic. This condition ensures better peristalsis and passage of stool for excretion without inflicting injuries on the colon or rectum membrane lining.  

Let us see how the colon helps the intestinal bacteria  

  1. Colon absorbs water, giving the friendly bacteria the right moisture condition.
  2. Colon excretes mucus to ensure smooth peristalsis regulating intestinal movement. This mucus contains a lot of nutrients and promotes the growth of friendly bacteria.
  3. Colon eliminates stools containing waste residues and dead bacteria. 

In return, the friendly bacteria benefits our colon

  1. Some bacteria can release acids to protect the epithelial cell lining of the colon and anus.
  2. The short chain fatty acids are a source of energy in the colon.
  3. Bacteria can help produce vitamins, enzymes and others nutrients 
  4. Some friendly bacteria thrive on fiber as a prebiotic or substrate in the intestines which provides a conducive environment for their survival and propagation. 

Friendly Bacteria and Harmful Bacteria   

Many people consider all the bacteria in the colon as harmful. In fact, some of these bacteria are good for our health. Bacteria in the colon are the first microorganisms to live inside human body after our birth. In healthy conditions, our intestines should have a far higher amount of friendly bacteria over harmful ones.

The perfect bacterial mix should be 85% friendly bacteria and 15% harmful bacteria. If the harmful bacteria are more than the friendly bacteria, our body system will become dysfunctional, with rapid aging and development of chronic diseases. Our health is very much dependent on our diet and lifestyle. Therefore, one way to maintain a healthy body is to reduce stress and have a balanced diet. However in our modern lifestyle, it is very difficult to completely avoid stress and consumption of processed food is common. Hence, we need to find a solution to promote the growth of friendly bacteria.

Mother’s milk promotes baby’s intestinal acidity

Mother’s milk contains lactose that is fermented by the baby’s friendly bacteria in the digestive tract to produce a large quantity of organic acids. Therefore, the intestinal environment of breast-fed baby remains acidic. Its low pH prevents the survival of harmful bacteria and enhances the growth of friendly bacteria. In contrast, the lactose contained in formula milk which is fermented to produce acetic acid, is quickly neutralized by its buffering effect, changing the acidity of the intestinal tract of the baby.

Besides not having the buffering effect, mum’s milk keeps the baby’s intestinal tract acidic. It is also rich in natural antibodies and anti-bacteria agents that protect the baby against harmful bacteria and infections. Supplementing formula milk with probiotics is highly recommended for those babies who are not breastfed




Probiotics mean "for life" and are defined as "living microorganisms which upon ingestion in certain numbers exert health benefits in humans and animals beyond inherent basic nutrition". (Ref.1) Probiotic bacteria with documented health benefits include members of the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium genera, Enterococcus, Propionibacterium have been identified. New research shows that a combination of different probiotics strains reduces the ability of potentially pathogenic bacteria to adhere to and colonize the gut more than single strains, thus reducing risk of infection. (Ref.2)

Scientific Investigation of Lactic Acid Bacteria

In 1908, Elie Metchnikoff discovered the secret of longevity of Bulgarians. His work proves that a diet rich in lactic acid bacteria can assist longevity and protect the body from the invasion of harmful microbes

Microbes In Gastrointestinal Tract

Human beings, as well as all animals, play host to many types and high numbers of microbes. Microbes inhabit our skin, oral region, vaginal tracts and throughout our gastrointestinal tract. There is an estimated number of 1014 species of microbes in our body, weighing in about 3.5 pounds. (1.5kg)

Where Did The Bacteria Come From?

The friendly bacteria enters your system in a unique way – you ingest them as you made your way through your mother’s birth canal. She gave you even more of these friendly bacteria as she breast-feeds you in the months that followed. In fact, first milk called colostrum, which tends to be thicker and curd-like, is a rich source of these friendly bacteria.



Role Of Probiotics In Gastrointestinal Tract

The microbes present in the gastrointestinal tract have the potential to act in a favourable, deleterious or neutral manner. Bacteria are not very prevalent in the stomach or upper part of small intestine. The high acid and bile concentrations coupled with the rapid transit time of contents are not favourable to microbial growth. However, towards the lower part of the small intestines, microbes begin to attain a higher population (106 – 108 /gram) and in the colon they constitute about 1011-1012 /gram of colon content.

Role of Organic Acids

Organic acids are needed to change an alkaline environment in the colon to a healthy slightly acidic condition that is vital to keep our health at optimum state. These are useful substances produced by friendly bacteria during the fermentation. Each of the various types of organic acids has different functions to maintain the healthy acidity of the colon. Among the organic acids, lactone is the most superior.
Lactone present in VM-X Functional Food is certified by the Japan Food Research Laboratories. It inhibits RNA transcriptase of HIV virus type 1. It also acts as a growth factor for the friendly bacterial populations by providing an acidic environment for our gastro-intestinal tract. Lactone is a potent anti-parasitic agent. It inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria. Propionic acid prevents the formation of excess fats and cholesterols whereas lactic and acetic acids help to lower the colonic pH and promote the growth of friendly bacteria. Only the organic acids produced by friendly bacteria through long-term fermentation are able to have above functions to keep us in optimum state of health.

The functions of organic acids are as follow:
LactoneAnti-bacterial, reduces colonic pH, promote friendly bacteria, inhibit HIV viruses.
Lactic Acid
Acetic Acid
Anti-bacterial, source of energy, increase oxygen intake, promote colon blood circulation, promote absorption of calcium and vitamins.
Propionic AcidAnti-bacterial, enhance glucose metabolism, reduce serum cholesterol, promote calcium absorption
Butyric Acid
Anti-bacterial, source of energy, increase cell rejuvenation, inhibit HIV viruses, enhance hemoglobin metabolism.

Guidelines To Assess Probiotics

The Food and Agriculture Organization/World Health Organization (FAO/WHO) Expert committee on probiotics (Ref.3) proposed guidelines to assess probiotic microorganisms.
Probiotics should:
  1. Be able to survive passage through the digestive tract
  2. Be able to grow in the gut
  3. Be gram positive. Organisms included, but not necessarily limited to the two genera, are Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium
  4. Show a specific health benefit measured by defined tests (in vitro, animal and/or human)
  5. Have defined dosage regime and duration of use

The Health Value Of VM-X Functional Food -Probiotics  

  1. Clinically proven as: Beneficial in the treatment of recurrent aphtous ulcers in the mouth. (Ref.4)
  2. Clinically proven as: Beneficial in inhibiting growth of Helicobacter pylori (Ref. 5)
  3. Clinically proven as: Promotes the detoxification of the liver. (Ref. 6)
  4. Reduces the duration of infectious infant viral diarrhea - a frequent cause of infant morbidity in developing countries. (Ref. 7)
  5. Improves digestion of lactose in lactose-intolerant people. (Ref. 8-9)
  6. Reduces the risk of colorectal, bladder, cervical, breast cancers, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis. (Ref. 10)
  7. Reduces the risk of coronary heart disease.
  8. Overcomes urinary tract disease.
  9. Reduce serum cholesterol and blood pressure.
  10. Inhibits pathogenic invasion especially in the intestines.
  11. Enhances the function of our immune system.
  12. Promotes detoxification of the body.
  13. Counter allergy by reducing inflammation.
  14. Acts as a source of lactase, the enzyme needed to digest milk.
  15. The manufacture of some of the B-vitamins including niacin (B3), pyridoxine (B6), folic acid and biotin.
  16. Assists in the absorption of vitamins and minerals especially calcium which is vital for bone growth.
  17. Reduces elevated blood cholesterol.


Whenever VM-X Functional Food is consumed, it will improve the conditions of the body


VM-X Functional Food is classified as functional food because it is a natural wholesome food with therapeutic purposes. Functional food is any healthy food claimed to have a health-promoting or disease-preventing property beyond the basic function of supplying nutrients. The term was first used in Japan in the 1980s where there is a government approval process for functional foods called Foods for Specified Health Use (FOSHU). A functional food is similar in appearance to, or may be, a conventional food that is consumed as part of a usual diet, and is demonstrated to have physiological benefits and/or reduce the risk of chronic disease beyond basic nutritional functions, i.e. they contain bioactive compounds. VM-X Functional food contains nutrients which are bioavailable to our body, i.e. it is easily assimilated by the body. VM-X Functional Food is safe to consume even in large quantity. As a functional food, there is no restriction on the quantity consumed. It benefits the overall health of our body as it contains major nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, friendly bacteria, organic acids etc. When you consume one functional food, it can easily substitute 5-10 other food supplements.

VM-X’s research teams had further cooperated with Nature’s Defence Research Centre in the United Kingdom on VM-X Functional Food. VM-X Functional Food is added with the Cytochrome P450 enzymes. Cytochrome P450 enzymes are essential to achieve optimum health as they have important roles in hormone synthesis, cholesterol synthesis, vitamin D metabolism and destruction of abnormal cells. The cytochrome P450 enzymes are our first line of defense in detoxing drugs and chemicals. It adds oxygen atoms to these unusual molecules. In rendering it is more water soluble and hence easier to be flushed out of the body. VM-X Functional Food is classified as a wholesome food which carries signalling effects helping to catalyse oxidative metabolisms. Thus, VM-X Functional Food can destroy diseased cells. They are part of a natural rescue mechanism and may be essential in maintaining good health. It is thought that P450 enzyme was developed by thermophillic archaebacteria around 3.5 billion years ago. The P450 enzyme was further studied and extracted by the experts and was added into VM-X Functional Food. It has the ability to detoxify.

CELL FOOD WITH SIGNALS (protein chaperone)

VM-X Functional Food contains protein signals which will pair with the signal required by our organs. Based on 1999 Nobel Prize Winner, Dr. Gunter Blobel, he discovered that nutrients inside our food are bound by many other essential elements, such as proteins, carbohydrates and lipids, which are called carrier co-factors. The most important of these cofactors are the protein chaperones. Protein chaperones were discovered to contain unique signals that act like a zip code to transport the attached nutrients to the cells that need them. There are many different protein chaperones, depending on which vitamin or mineral needs to be transported to which of the various cells.
If you want calcium to get into your bones, then the calcium you take must have the appropriate protein chaperone attached, otherwise, it won’t know where to go! The appropriate carrier cofactor must be present for the body to absorb, retain and most importantly “utilize” all of the nutrients bound inside the food.

This was the answer to most of the people’s mystery of why ascorbic acid did not cure scurvy, but oranges and limes did! Without the attached protein chaperone and all the other carrier cofactor, the body could not utilize the isolated chemical nutrient (ascorbic acid) well enough to cure scurvy.

The uniqueness of VM-X FUNCTIONAL FOOD

VM-X Functional Food is a natural fermented functional food with its nutrients intact and combines well with other food to form new nutrients required by the organs and cells in our body. It is fermented with all types of organic vegetables, cereals, fruits, roots, sea-weeds and herbs under 37oC for optimum absorption in the body, and contains various types of lactic acid bacteria. VM-X Functional Food is not only a probiotic product, but also a wholesome functional food with cell signal pairing effects as well. 

The uniqueness of VM-X FUNCTIONAL FOOD :
  1. Restore the balance of bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract.
  2. Human borne bacteria Lactobacillus gasseri ATCC is used.
  3. Eliminates toxins and inhibits the growth of abnormal cells.
  4. It maintains youth, vibrancy and slow down ageing process.
  5. Enhances our immunity.
  6. Prevents modern diseases.
  7. Promotes internal secretion.

How VM-X is manufactured

With the transfer of fermentation and manufacturing processes from overseas (Japan), VM-X Functional Food has created wonders and helped thousands of weak and ill patients to recover their health. VM-X Functional Food is manufactured under strict adherence to the following:-
  1. All raw materials used are certified as 100% chemically free.
  2. All wild fruits, herbs, roots if not cultivated from organic farm must be grown wild in the jungle without any form of pollution from the air or the surrounding areas.
  3. All seaweed products must collected from the deep ocean.
  4. During processing and preparation of VM-X Functional Food, good manufacturing practice (GMP) must be observed to protect consumer health.
  5. Proper recording and controlling of every batch of VM-X Functional Food must be monitored for the benefit of needy consumers.
VM-X Functional Food is certified to be safe and consumer friendly. Especially in Japan and Australia where stringent quality tests had been conducted and it is found that VM-X Functional Food does contain 6 types of very important organic acids, 9 types of minerals, 6 types of vitamins, 19 types of amino acids, the various types of enzymes needed by the human body and 16 strains of the lactic acid bacteria:
1Streptococcus thermophilus9Lactobacillus arabinosus
2Streptococcus cremoris10Lactobacillus caucasicus
3Streptococcus lactis11Lactobacillus lactis
4Lactobacillus gasseri ATTC12Lactobacillus leishmanni
5Lactobacillus bulgaricus14Lactobacillus musicus
6Lactobacillus acidophilus15Lactobacillus thermophilus
7Lactobacillus casei16Lactobacillus plantarum
8Lactobacillus delbruckii18Lactobacillus mesenteroides

What Is Lactobacillus gasseri ATCC

VM-X Lactobacillus gasseri ATCC is a very special strain of lactic acid bacteria that can only be isolated and cultured from the human gut. This strain of VM-X bacteria has the ability to ferment and produce enzymes, hormones, lactic acid, acetic acid and other organic acids. Being a human borne lactic acid bacteria, it demonstrates good survival and propagation in the human gastrointestinal tract (GI). It exerts a number of beneficial health roles, combats harmful bacteria, stimulates the immune system and maintains a good balance of other healthy intestinal micro flora.

Our biotechnology scientist Dr. Koshy Philip obtained the strain of VM-X Lactobacillus gasseri ATCC during his post-doctoral research tenure in the year 2000 at several US research centers. With his years of expertise, this strain of bacteria has been successfully combined with 15 other types of lactic acid bacteria and produces highly therapeutic metabolites from its fermentation by-products.

In US, Dr. Koshy Philip discovered that this special strain of bacteria is kept under strict supervision by researchers. The isolation and culturing of Lactobacillus gasseri ATCC is an achievement for all any research scientists associated with the field of lactic acid bacteriology. Dr Philip’s ten years of research and development in functional food at OMX has given him due recognition by US based scientists allowing him to use the strain as an inoculant in the preparation and fermentation of the 2nd generation OMX probiotic. This strain is also used in a fermentation process for the preparation of functional food for astronauts during space travel.

Why Do We Need The Human Borne Lactic Acid Bacteria? 

According to journal published by Dr. Endang Prangdimurti (2001). Probiotik dan Efek Perlindungan Terhadap Canker Kolon. Institut Pertanian Bogor, Indonesia, he stated: “If we want the friendly bacteria to populate in our GI tract, we need the strain of bacteria that is of human origin. This strain has the ability to survive and sustain within a high acidity of stomach acids and biles and adheres to intestinal tissues to multiply.”

The Benefits of VM-X Functional Food

The above listed natural ingredients that are supposed to be found in our daily food and drink are highly essential for our body’s optimal functions. In VM-X Functional Food, we convert all the above listed nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and organic acids into a readily absorbable form. Whenever VM-X Functional Food is consumed, it will improve the conditions of the body in the following manner:
  1. Rebuilds a conducive environment for the survival of the lactic acid bacteria to benefit host body.
  2. Removes toxins accumulated in the cells.
  3. Helps to rebuild ageing cells.
  4. The lactic acid bacteria is highly resistant to the harsh environment of the gastro intestinal tract condition.
  5. Enzymes present in VM-X Functional Food are readily absorbed and utilized by the host in the rebuilding and rejuvenation of cells.
  6. Minerals in seaweeds, roots and sea plants especially the zinc enriched Norwegian seaweeds are used as fermentation substrates.

Method of consumption 

Method of consumption
 VM-X Functional Food (30 minutes before meal )
 Intensive Colon CleansingFive capsules twice a day. (30 minutes before meal)
Health maintenanceTwo capsules twice a day. (30 minutes before meal)
Constipation Five capsules twice a day. (30 minutes before meal)
DiarrheaFive capsules twice a day. (30 minutes before meal)
DiabetesThree capsules twice a day. (30 minutes before meal)
Heart diseaseThree capsules twice a day.
After one week, five capsules twice per day (30 minutes before meal)
Liver diseaseFive capsules must be taken twice a day. (30 minutes before meal)
Gastric ulcerTake two capsules twice a day. Increase dosage gradually. (30 minutes before meal)
Dialysis patientTwo capsules twice a day. (30 minutes before meal)
Uric acid, goutThree capsules twice a day (30 minutes before meal)
Allergy (Nose, Skin)Five capsules twice a day.   (30 minutes before meal)
DermatitisFive capsules twice a day.   (30 minutes before meal)
Prickly heat, body odor, wound and burn  Two capsules a day. (30 minutes before meal)
BabyOne capsule a day. (30 minutes before meal)
Bruise and SprainThree capsules twice a day. (30 minutes before meal)
Nasal inflammationFive capsules twice a day. (30 minutes before meal)
Ear inflammationFive capsules twice a day.  (30 minutes before meal)
Hair careThree capsules twice a day. (30 minutes before meal)
Skin careThree capsules twice a day. (30 minutes before meal)
CancerTen capsules twice a day (30 minutes before meal)
Cerebral infarction, Parkinson disease, DementiaFive capsules twice a day. (30 minutes before meal)
  1. Children: ½ the dosage of adult.
  2. Note: The above explanations indicate usage to obtain best effect for the different conditions mentioned. Please use it according to patients’ conditions.
  3. After consuming the VM-X Functional Food, you may experience signs of healing crisis such as:
  4. Constipation, unpleasant stool odor, sleepiness, giddiness, fatigue, bone pain, heatiness. 


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